The authorities insist on the use of masks both indoors and outdoors. | UH


For the second consecutive year Christmas is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In spite of the increase of infections by the omicron variant and unlike last year, most of the restrictions in the Islands were lifted a few months ago. Mallorca will experience a very different holiday season from last year, with no mobility restrictions or curfew.

At national level, the central government has implemented, as the only new measure for these holidays, the return of the mandatory use of face masks in outdoor areas. In addition, the general recommendations are to maintain the use of the mask during social gatherings, preferably FFP2, to keep interpersonal distance, to ventilate inside areas and use of hydroalcoholic gel for hand hygiene.

As for the regional restrictions, the Balearic Islands has ruled out approving more severe measures for Christmas and only extends the use of the covid certificate to all restaurants, regardless of their capacity. Therefore, to enter any bar, restaurant or cafeteria it will be necessary to present the certificate proving the complete vaccination schedule, negative test or recovery. It will also be required in cinemas, circuses, hostels, gyms and nightlife, among other activities. Health workers must also show proof of vaccination in order to access their jobs and, if they are not vaccinated, they must undergo three diagnostic tests per week.

The changes introduced regarding the measures will be sent to the High Court of Justice for validation and will come into force once they have the judicial authorisation. The measures will remain in force until January 24.