Son Espases is not having to suspend patients' operations. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The Balearic health ministry says that the situation in hospitals is "stable", both on wards and in intensive care units, despite the increase in the number of people infected with Covid.

The ministry adds that, unlike previous waves of the virus, the number of people who need to be admitted is rising only gradually. Neither Son Espases nor Son Llàtzer have had to suspend planned operations. The fact that there is less surgical activity at present is due to the Christmas holidays.

The sixth wave of the pandemic has mainly affected primary care, which has to follow up the many people who are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. Because of the added demands being made on primary care, the government announced on Monday that it will be taking on 45 more administrative personnel as well as 25 more emergency personnel and 25 more laboratory technicians.

Where primary care is concerned, on Monday, 20 December, it was monitoring 9,904 people in the Balearics. The report for Tuesday, 28 December shows 16,731. On the 20th, there were 261 Covid patients on wards in the Balearics and 52 in intensive care units. The report for the 28th indicates 229 and 61 respectively.