President Francina Armengol of the Balearics

Francina Armengol, who took part in PSOE's federal committee meeting on Friday.


At PSOE's first federal committee meeting of 2022 on Friday, President Armengol said that social dialogue has allowed the Balearics to approve the 2022 budget in a timely manner and has shown how to govern in coalition. "We know how to do dialogue. In these most difficult times, we have differentiated ourselves from the right by applying the best policies for the citizens."

With regard to the pandemic, Armengol stressed that "thanks to a progressive government", a crisis has been faced by protecting workers, businesses and the self-employed "with more aid than ever and also with a clear priority, that of saving lives".

On future challenges, Armengol, who is also the general secretary of PSOE in the Balearics, stated that European funds are an "historic opportunity" to boost modernisation and sustainability policies through a commitment to renewable energies, sustainable mobility, and the blue and knowledge economies.

She also referred to the importance of establishing a "fair" regional financing system for the Balearics and addressing the demographic challenge in overpopulated regions.


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Mark / Hace 14 days

So basically it was not Armengol, nor the PSOE, not this crappy coalition government that was all behind this "succes" , but EU funding. As without that, Spain would be bankrupt and Armengol would be swopping her car for a donkey. Typical socialists: spending other's money and then boasting you are succesful.


Roger / Hace 14 days

It appears as if the pre-election rhetoric has already begun!!...."We know how to do dialogue" she long as its left-wing and your ears are open to such ideology maybe you will taken in...other wise let's sincerely hope that a more relevant government will take their place who will not waste the monies being provided by Brussels