Palma Aquarium. | Pilar Pellicer


Palma Aquarium, encompassed in the Association of Tourist Activities of the Balearic Islands (Abactur), announced yesterday that it is closing until the end of February due to lack of tourist activity, school excursions due to omicron and not having started the Imserso vacation program for the elderly.

"The 2021 season has been good until Christmas since then the activity has plummeted due to the lack of tourist activity and the cancellation for these months of school trips due to omicron. To this must be added the negative impact of the lack of tourists from the Imserso,” said the general manager of Palma Aquarium, Joan Ramis.

The Aspro group, owner of Marineland, also announced that it will restrict the opening of its park to weekends, from Saturday to Sunday, for the same reasons.

The employers' association Abactur, chaired by Roberto Darias, points out that the situation has become more complicated in the last few weeks: "Companies have to take drastic decisions until normality is restored, so they have to include part of their staff in temporary lay-off plans (ERTE)".