Catalina Cladera at the Food Bank distribution centre on Tuesday. | @imasmallorca (Mallorca Social Affairs Institute)


Catalina Cladera, president of the Council of Mallorca, stressed on Tuesday that direct collaboration with the Food Bank Foundation will be continuing. It does "a very necessary job that has been made more difficult during the pandemic".

At a meeting with Food Bank representatives, Cladera and the Council's councillor for social rights, Sofia Alonso, were presented with information regarding the numbers of people using the services and of groups involved with distribution.

Alonso thanked the dedication of all those involved, as "they make it possible for many families in Mallorca who live in precarious situations to have their basic needs covered". "Great effort has been made by all the volunteers in order to meet the growing demand during the months of the pandemic."

On a daily basis, the foundation distributes between six and seven tonnes of essential products to nearly one hundred groups. They are in charge of ensuring that the needs of more than 3,000 people are met.

The president, Raimundo Montis, acknowledged that it has been difficult for the foundation, as the profile of those in need has changed and the number of people requiring the service has increased. He highlighted the solidarity of public administrations and of the Mallorcan people in addressing this situation. Without them, the Food Bank Foundation "wouldn't exist".

In addition to a subsidy of 100,000 euros from the Council of Mallorca, there are 40,000 euros for the groups that work with the Food Bank.