The grandson was admitted to Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza | Europa Press archive


An 80-year-old man took his own life yesterday with a gun after injuring his 22-year-old grandson and his daughter-in-law, 45 years old, as reported by the Guardia Civil and 061. The event took place around 9.00 am in a house in the area of Venda des Pi des Català in Formentera.

The man, of German nationality and resident on this island, died at the Hospital de Formentera, where he was admitted in critical condition. The grandson, also German, received two gunshot wounds to a leg and an arm and was taken by helicopter to the Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza. He has been admitted to the ward and remains stable but with serious injuries. In the incident a 45-year-old woman, his daughter-in-law, was also slightly injured.

The Guardia Civil confirmed that both its agents and the Local Police of Formentera had intervened on several occasions at this home due to family conflicts. Ràdio Illa has reported that the daughter-in-law had formalised two complaints for aggressions by her father-in-law.

After wounding his grandson and daughter-in-law, the man shot himself in the vicinity of the family home.