Test rate has now fallen below one in four. | Gemma Andreu


The Sunday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 688 new positive cases of coronavirus, the first time that the daily number has been down to three figures since January 1 (845). That figure was influenced by a lack of testing on New Year's Eve and so has Sunday's. Even so, a decrease of 460 from Saturday is in line with a general downward trend. The test rate is 22.99%; on Saturday it was 20.52%, and the seven-day rate is down from 23.99% to 23.41%.

Of the 688 cases, there are 532 in Mallorca, 86 in Ibiza, 40 in Minorca and three in Formentera (plus unspecified). On Saturday, the figures were Mallorca 881, Minorca 118, Ibiza 112, Formentera three.

The cumulative incidence rates are again all down - the seven-day incidence in the Balearics from 762.2 to 751.6 and the 14-day from 2070.6 to 1975.9. On the individual islands, the 14-day rates are Mallorca 1836.7, down from 1904.5; Ibiza 2348.7, from 2598.4; Minorca 2828.3, from 2933.9; Formentera 1033.3, from 1134.1.

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There has been a rise in the number of Covid patients on wards - up six to 366: Mallorca 267 (+5), Ibiza 82 (+2), Minorca 17 (-1). The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down from 20.52% to 19.64%, a total of 67 patients - Mallorca 57 (-2), Ibiza six (-2), Minorca four (+1).

Primary care cases being monitored in the Balearics are down 528 to 14,696 and in Mallorca by 433 to 11,923.

The ministry has not reported any new deaths; the total is 1,161.

Vaccination - 985,452 with at least one dose, 88.06% of the target population and 189 more than on Saturday; 942,808 with the complete course, 84.25% and 159 more.