Test rate has dropped below 20%. | Miquel À. Cañellas


As could have been expected, the number of new positive cases on Tuesday is up quite considerably from Monday. However, the increase - a factor of more testing - gives a daily number that is below 1,000. There are 959 new cases, an increase of 188.

The numbers for Sunday and Monday - 688 and 771 respectively - were the first to be in three figures since January 1. They, like the New Year's Day number, reflected a comparatively low amount of testing. The Tuesday cases are based on some 2,200 more tests than Monday's and give a test rate of 17.8%, the lowest this year. A more direct comparison can be made with the 1,148 cases on Saturday, when the number of tests was similar and gave a test rate of 20.52%.

Of the 959, there are 707 in Mallorca, 127 in Minorca, 95 in Ibiza, four in Formentera, plus unspecified. On Monday, the numbers were Mallorca 653, Ibiza 77, Minorca 12, Formentera zero. The test rate on Monday was 23.4%. The seven-day rate is down to 23.54%.

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There is better news on the wards, where the total number of Covid patients is down eight to 367 - Mallorca 270 (+1), Ibiza 80 (-6), Minorca 17 (-3). The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down from 19.06% to 18.4% with 63 patients in all - Mallorca 50 (-3), Ibiza eight (-1), Minorca five.

Primary care numbers continue to fall - the Balearics by 1,496 to 12,552 and Mallorca specifically by 1,118 to 10.234.

The ministry reports five more deaths. The total is 1,166.