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Another fall in the daily number of new positive cases, the health ministry's Thursday report indicating 782 cases, 59 fewer than on Wednesday.

Twelve more deaths have been confirmed. These refer to the period January 6 to February 9 and are therefore partly an update of mortality figures. The twelve people were aged between 60 and 95. The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic is now 1,178.

In the hospitals, the number of Covid patients in ICU has risen by four to 65. The ICU Covid occupancy rate has climbed to 19% from 17.8%. In Mallorca there are 53 patients (+5), in Ibiza eight and in Minorca four (-1). On the wards, there has been a further decrease, one of eight to 335 - Mallorca 251 (-7), Ibiza 72, Minorca 12 (-1).

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As to primary care, the number of cases in the Balearics as a whole is down another 1,296 to 10,029 and in Mallorca by 1,069 to 8,157.

The Thursday new positive cases are Mallorca 587 (649 on Wednesday), Ibiza 83 (81), Minorca 79 (75) and Formentera seven (13). The test rate is 17.1%, down from 18.37% on Wednesday. The seven-day test rate has dropped from 22.30% to 21.09%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence rates are all down again - Balearics 1514.8 from 1665.5; Mallorca 1457.7 from 1592.4; Ibiza 1604.5 from 1789.5; Minorca 1992.9 from 2260.5; Formentera 898.9 from 907.3. The seven-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics has fallen from 606.6 to 560.1.

The vaccination - With at least one dose, 986,434, 88.15% of the target population and 519 more than on Wednesday. The complete course, 944,542, 84.40% and 1,169 more.