84.71% of the target population in the Balearics have had the complete course of vaccination. | Fernando Villar


An increase in the number of daily positive coronavirus is normal for a Tuesday because of less testing at the weekend, and this Tuesday's report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 625 new cases, 116 more than on Monday.

However, the test rate is only 14.18%, still high but the lowest for several weeks. The rate was 19.7% on Monday. Tuesday's cases by island - Mallorca 475 (442 on Monday), Minorca 72 (eight), Ibiza 56 (29), Formentera two (one), plus unspecified. The seven-day positivity test rate has fallen to 17.94%.

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On hospital wards, there are five more Covid patients, 304 in all - Mallorca 237 (+8), Ibiza 55 (-3), Minorca 12. The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down to 17.6%, 60 patients - Mallorca 46 (-3), Ibiza nine, Minorca five. Primary care cases in the Balearics have dropped a further 802 to 6,458; in Mallorca by 643 to 5,285.

The ministry has reported 12 more deaths. These are all deaths confirmed by review of mortality data from the past two months. One of the deaths was of a person below the age of 18. The total number of deaths is 1,204.

The 14-day cumulative incidence rates are all down - Balearics from 1264.7 to 1165.6; Mallorca from 1277.6 to 1198.8; Ibiza from 1109.2 to 992.6; Minorca from 1447.1 to 1181.5; Formentera from 798.1 to 697.2. The seven-day incidence is down from 421.8 to 389.5.