Protest in the port.


Puerto Pollensa is one the warpath over six ticket booths which have been built in the port. More than 200 people staged a protest on Saturday claiming that the small buildings are an eyesore and block their view of the sea.

They are calling on the council to stop the project at once.

When the project was put out to public consultation, there were apparently few issues. But once the building started, so did the objections. Mayor Tomeu Cifre says that the booths are in response to the increase in charter hire activity and to a problem caused by the Costas Authority in having denied temporary authorisation for certain activities. The new booths are replacements for wooden ones that Cifre says had deteriorated and were offering a "sorry image".

The main opposition group at the town hall, Junts Avançam, is among those objecting. Miquel Àngel March, Cifre's predecessor as mayor, says that existing town hall planning law "prevents the installation of elements that disfigure perspective and limit the visual field of maritime areas". Environmentalists GOB argue that the booths are in protected land-maritime public domain and question whether there is the necessary authorisation from the Council of Mallorca. If there is no authorisation, the booths should be removed.

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