Case numbers continue to drop. | Europa Press


Saturday's figures from the Balearic health ministry show another drop in the number of Covid patients on wards and a fall in the number of patients in intensive care.

There are 180 patients on wards, down nine - Mallorca 127 (-2), Ibiza 47 (-5), Minorca six. The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down from 13.9% to 13%, three fewer patients and a total of 45 - Mallorca 31 (-2), Ibiza seven (-2), Minorca seven (+1).

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The daily number of new positive cases is down 30 to 299 - Mallorca 215 (was 228 on Friday), Minorca 35 (47), Ibiza 28 (21), Formentera one (also one on Friday), plus unspecified. The test rate is 12.44%; it was 12.58% on Friday. The seven-day test rate is down from 11.94% to 11.85%.

Primary care case numbers are down 168 in the Balearics to 3,361 and down 184 in Mallorca to 2,712.

The ministry has reported two more deaths. The total is 1,218.