A rise in the rolling seven-day test rate. | Europa Press


The Saturday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 367 new positive cases of coronavirus, 58 more than on Friday. By island, the cases are Mallorca 278, Minorca 39, Ibiza 26, Formentera four, plus unspecified.

The test rate is 12.34%, and the seven-day test rate is 13.18%, which represents an increase from 12.13% on Friday.

The incidence rates have also gone up slightly - the 14-day cumulative incidence for the Balearics is 399.8, up from 392.5 on Friday; Mallorca 418.7 from 412.4, Ibiza 247.0 from 234.5, Minorca 491.4 from 481.0, Formentera 168.0 (no change). The seven-day incidence for the Balearics is up from 163.7 to 181.2.

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On the wards, there are seven fewer Covid patients - 130 in total: Mallorca 78 (-2), Ibiza 48 (-3), Minorca four (-2). The situation in intensive care is unchanged - an occupancy rate of 10.5% with 36 patients: Mallorca 28, Ibiza four, Minorca four.

There has been a rise in the number of primary care cases - from 2,752 in the Balearics to 2,842; in Mallorca from 2,268 to 2,351.

The ministry has reported one new death. The total is 1,226.