President Armengol was in Madrid on Sunday for a meeting of PSOE's federal committee.


President Francina Armengol said on Sunday that the war in Ukraine "has serious economic repercussions", including ones for the Balearics. She called for a "united approach" from Europe to address the possibility of aggravating economic problems that already exist, such as inflation. The Balearic government fears that the rise in fuel prices will, among other things, push up air fares.

During a break at the meeting of PSOE's federal committee in Madrid, Armengol explained that the situation in Ukraine was analysed. "We have condemned Putin's position and we appreciate the unanimous position of the European Union. We must work in a united way in Europe so that the war ends as quickly as possible."

The president stressed the need for aid for the direct victims of the situation in Ukraine, emphasising that the Balearic Islands have once again shown that they are a welcoming place - "as they have always been".