Food stocks are running low in Ukraine. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Around 50 Ukrainian citizens living in the Balearics have applied for asylum since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, according to the government delegate in the Balearics, Aina Calvo, today.

Calvo said that at the moment "the situation is worrying" given that "the agreement to respect humanitarian corridors has not been fulfilled", something which is fundamental because otherwise "it is impossible to carry out an orderly evacuation".

The government delegate said that the collaboration with the Balearic government is extremely strong, and thanked the authorities for adding the Covid hotel to the shelters to take in refugees.

She also said that there are many families in the Balearics which will also house Ukrainian refugees in the face of the Russian invasion.

Calvo thanked the Balearics foir all of the solidarity which has been shown but she recommended that those who want to help Ukraine should do so by making donations to organisations such as Acnur or Médecins Sans Frontières.

"We have to organise ourselves well in order to be effective", she explained.

She said that it is "very legitimate and praiseworthy", for example, to donate food, but she considered that it is better to make donations directly to the associations for organisational reasons.