The old fire station, currently the centre for Ukraine aid. | Pere Bota


Since Monday, there has been a centralised location for all donated items to be sent to Ukraine - the old fire station in Palma's Son Castelló industrial estate.

The Ukrainian Family Association in Mallorca has centralised all aid, be this medicine, food and even bulletproof vests. The president of the association, Yuri Zubko, says that there is a great deal of demand for vests, especially for doctors who need protection when helping the wounded. "They need vests and helmets. If anyone can supply them, contact me and we'll talk."

As for deliveries to Ukraine, he explains that the association is getting some "very good discounts" for transport. "But you still have to pay for fuel, tolls and food in order to get to Ukraine."

Two days after the Russian invasion, the first vanload of donated items was sent. There have now been five shipments. The last one left on Sunday - a trailer with a capacity of 24 tonnes. "If it hasn't already got there, it soon will." Trasmediterránea is ferrying vehicles to the mainland. From there, they head for Poland. "Everything is unloaded in warehouses and trucks arrive from Ukraine to take it away."

His contact is in Lviv, where distribution is to military hospitals and civilians as well as to other nearby towns. "You have to help people. The part closest to Russia is destroyed, they are left with nothing, there are only mountains of rubble."

Donations can be taken directly to the old fire station between 9am and 6pm. The address is C. Gremi Picapedrers 1, Son Castelló. The bank account number for financial aid is: ES07 2100 6805 9302 0006 6471.