Reyes Maroto visited Camper's facilities on Monday.


The Inca-based footwear company Camper has suspended its operations in Russia. This was confirmed on Monday by Spain's trade and industry minister, Reyes Maroto, during a visit to the company's facilities.

Maroto said that Camper "has temporarily paralysed its operations in Russia, as most Spanish companies are doing". The minister stressed that the war in Ukraine is being met by "unity, with the aim of stopping the war". Other leading Spanish retailers, such as Inditex (Zara stores among others), have also suspended their operations.

Camper has five stores in Russia - four in Moscow and one in Saint Petersburg. These are closed. The company's Russian website states that "due to logistical and operational problems" all online activity has been temporarily suspended.

For the visit, the minister was accompanied by President Armengol, the Balearic minister for European funds, Miquel Company, and Inca's mayor, Virgilio Moreno. The main purpose was to hear about Camper's circularity and sustainability policies. Central to these is reuse of footwear. After a cleaning process and the addition of durable materials, shoes are put up for sale again.

This was the second time that Armengol and Moreno had visited Camper in recent weeks. The company is seen as being in the vanguard when it comes to circularity initiatives.