The 89-year-old appeared in court today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A Palma court today sentenced an 89-year-old man to six months in prison for killing his neighbour's dog with his shotgun in Manacor.

The accused admitted to the crime of animal abuse following an agreement between the prosecution and his defence, which means that the prison sentence is suspended. The octogenarian is banned from keeping animals for a period of two years.

The accused, a resident of Manacor born in 1932, picked up a 12-gauge shotgun on the afternoon of 4 June 2020. He went to his neighbour's farm because the dog was "bothering" him and shot it in the thorax, abdomen and one leg. Within minutes the animal died although it had been taken to a veterinary clinic.

The owner filed a complaint with the Guardia Civil which led to the conviction of the accused. The owner has not claimed financial compensation for the animal so the sentence is limited to criminal punishment and disqualification from owning or trading in animals.