Trucklers protest in Palma. | Youtube Última Hora


The two main unions, the CCOO and the UGT, will stage demonstrations across the Balearics on Wednesday in protest over the "rise in inflation" and the increase in prices of basic products that has occurred in recent weeks and that already affect the basic living conditions of the general public.

At a joint press conference today, the unions called on the public to protest in Plaza d'España in Palma at 7 p.m., and at 12 noon in Carrer del Periodista Marià Tur in Ibiza and in Plaça August Miranda in Mahón.

Balearic union leaders announced the protest action today.The secretary general of the CCOO in the Balearics, José García, expressed "deep concern" about the rising prices of everything that affects living conditions, which places the most vulnerable groups "in a delicate situation, even more so after two years of a very tough pandemic".

The trade unionist defended the need for Europe to find a solution to the rise in energy prices. His demands include "separating gas from the bill and controlling the price of fuels" and "changing the irrational system of electricity pricing".

He also called for greater investment in the Balearics to "reduce energy dependence", as insularity is an added factor in the current problems.

The secretary general of UGT in the Balearic Islands, Lorenzo Navarro, declared that the protest seeks to "prevent the effects of Putin's war from further deteriorating the living conditions of families".

"There are companies that are benefiting and others that are being ruined," criticised Navarro, who called for a halt to "the speculative chaos" into which they are falling by "speculating with basic products".

For this reason, he demanded that the European Union allow states to "control the prices" of these products, which are currently being speculated on.

Navarro, who also expressed concern about a possible increase in the price of housing, recalled that during the pandemic the price of masks and gel soared.
He rejected the "simple solutions" of the right and ultra-right, who advocate lowering taxes on products, although he urged the authorities to reactivate the ERTEs (furloughs) "to avoid redundancies and protect employment", to create a "social shield" and, in short, "to put a stop to rising prices".