Conservas Rosselló are experiencing real problems with supplies. | Conservas Rosselló


The large supermarket chains in the Balearics say that they are experiencing problems of supply with certain products. The greatest difficulties at present are with chicken, fish (which has also been affected by the fishermen's stoppage, now called off), oil and dairy products. The current situation, they add, is worse than at any time during the pandemic, as there is greater pressure on the food supply chain.

Bartolomé Servera, the president of the ADED distributors association in the Balearics, says that if strike action on the mainland were to totally halt deliveries, supply would be guaranteed for between 15 to 20 days. "We can guarantee 100% supply without anything arriving for that period."

The president of Spain's supermarket association (ACES), Aurelio del Pino, accepts that there are supply problems, but insists that there will be "no shortage problems".

Supplies are meanwhile affecting producers in Mallorca. Llubi-based Conservas Rosselló (oil products) has put packaging staff on holiday due to the lack of oil. They have not received necessary supplies for 12 days.

On Wednesday, food company Danone halted production at two of its seven plants in Spain. One of the plants is for dairy products, the other for water.