Now we have the one-time bus station, Can Villalonga. | E.B.


How many cultural/social centres, none of them actually in existence, does any one village need? Several, it would seem.

Let’s see. There is the old football ground, Can Escarrintxo, for which Pollensa town hall has thus far budgeted 500,000 euros for purposes as yet undefined. The 500,000 euros would be to pay for the land, the town hall having invited citizens’ ideas for its use - a cultural/social centre is among the runners. There is a snag with this, namely the classification of the land and the possibility of building on it.

Then there is the old cinema off the Plaça Major - 800,000 euros and counting - a venue for concerts and other cultural events, while there is also the old fish market, which is on the Plaça Major and which will be for municipal purposes (not entirely clear) and is requiring 290,000 euros for redevelopment. Colonya Bank, meanwhile, has its project for the old Can Morató factory, replete with cultural centre.

Now we have the one-time bus station, Can Villalonga. Valued at 2.4 million euros, the mayor, Tomeu Cifre, says that it represents a “great opportunity” and one that the town hall cannot allow to be missed. The opportunity includes a multi-use facility for cultural and social activities.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having spaces for cultural spaces, and perhaps Pollensa does need them all. It’s just that once the idea catches hold and money is allocated and spent, there inevitably seem to be issues.

The proposal to buy Can Villalonga has yet to be put to a council meeting, but the mayor is “confident” that all political parties will be in favour.