Pep Trias and classical Easter chocolate cakes.


Easter in Mallorca is a time for chocolate. This may not all be in the form of an egg, but this is one shape that can be found among the various creations in the island's shops.

William Tétard has made an Easter cake that is 64 centimetres tall and weighs more than ten kilos. It is in the window of the La Pajarita sweet shop in Palma. "It was made by hand and its half-egg shape houses various figures that I have created as well as chocolates from the shop," says Tétard, who is the director and confectioner at the Ses Rotges restaurant in Cala Ratjada. This is the second time that Tétard and La Pajarita have collaborated in this way, and they have organised a contest to guess the weight of another cake.

Lluís Pérez has come up with Easter cakes in the shape of the Mallorcan siurell figurine as well as ones that look like chickens. They have been inspired by Mallorcan craftsmanship. "They are organic shapes with colours that are reminiscent of Marratxi pottery." The pastry chef highlights the ingredients used: "100% natural products. We colour them with powdered ingredients, such as lemon, apple, radish, currant, red pepper, carrot, algae and plum."

Maties Miralles at the Forn del Pla de na Tesa (also in Marratxi) says that Easter is a particularly hectic time. Up to 8,000 Mallorcan robiol pastries as well as pies have to be made, but the chocolate creations allow for great invention. He has put together a jungle. Among others, this features the mythical myotragus, which died out some 5,000 years ago, black pigs, chimpanzees and koala bears. The most popular chocolate, he says, is the dark variety, although milk chocolate is becoming increasingly popular. The least popular is white, "which isn't even chocolate actually." This may be the last year when he makes the figures by hand. "We don't have a chocolate machine here, but we will have to get one in the future."

At his pastry shop in Secar de la Real, Pep Trias is focusing on what could be called classics. "We have innovated on occasions, but the vast majority of the Easter cakes are classic. These are the ones that our customers ask us for the most. There is only a limited production as our workshop doesn't allow for more."

Llorenç Pou at the Forn Nou de la Vileta in Palma has a range of cakes and eggs with attractive colours for "the smallest of the family". This year, he explains, he has incorporated a detail into each of the items he is making - a small dove for peace. In his workshop he unleashes his creativity, modelling chocolate animals and the faces of aliens. They are all made with Valhona French chocolate.

And Joan and Margalida Ramis have been inspired by children's stories and cartoon films. Tradition, they say, requires eggs and animal figurines as well as houses and cars. "But we have added figures from children's films, such as Superman and Peppa Pig."