Three cruise ships are seen in Palma. | Gabriel Alomar


Discover what ships are moored in the Port of Palma right now thanks to the Port of Palma's website.

Ship of the day

Today's ship is: MSC Grandiosa which is scheduled to dock today at 09.00 in Palma. She is due to depart today at 18.00.

MSC Grandiosa is a Meraviglia Plus-class cruise ship owned and operated by MSC Cruises. Built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, France, she is the first of three Meraviglia Plus-class ships set to operate for the cruise line. She commenced operations on 10 November 2019.At the time of delivery, she was the second largest cruise ship by gross tonnage, behind AIDAnova. MSC Grandiosa 181541 tonnes and carries 4888 to 6334 passengers and has a crew of 1704. She was built in 2019.

MSC Grandiosa current cruise is 7 days, round-trip Mediterranean

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