Maristany is one focus for the investment. | Teresa Ayuga


Alcudia town hall will spend four million euros on restoring the fluvial ecosystems of the Maristany and Estany dels Ponts wetlands.

The project, supported by the University of the Balearic Islands and WWF España, aims to recover the ecological corridor of wetlands on the bay of Alcudia in order to better adapt to climate change.

A key aspect of this will be to mitigate the risk of flooding by "re-naturalising" Maristany and Estany dels Ponts (which many will refer to as Lago Esperanza). New flood zones will be created and there will also be re-vegetation, the removal of invasive vegetation, an expansion of drainage channels and actions to encourage fauna.

The two areas - Maristany and Estany dels Ponts - have been subject to degradation, as they have been affected by development and by the dumping of waste. This degradation has reduced the water retention capacity, increasing the risk of flooding. Forty-two parcels of Maristany land have been donated to the town hall, and these will be incorporated into the project.