Cala Deya, which isn't covered by the projected marine reserve for the northern Tramuntana. | FLl. G.


Deya town hall is to ask the Spanish government to create a marine reserve that will cover the Deya coastline. The town hall believes that a marine reserve of some 1,500 hectares will greatly and rapidly increase fish stocks and improve marine biodiversity. This part of the Tramuntana coastline has been depleted by overfishing, but it is not included in the marine reserve project that is currently being prepared for the northern Tramuntana.

All political groups at the town hall support protection for fishing, "which will disappear from the northwest coast of Mallorca if the decline of the last fifteen years continues". Seventy-five per cent of the fish population is said to have been lost.

The town hall is also wanting immediate regulatory measures to tackle the number of boats in Cala Deya and by Sa Foradada in summer.