Paint on the name plate for the Russian consulate.


Anti-Russian sentiment is spreading across Mallorca. Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russians living on the island have experienced rejection, especially from the Ukrainian community

"We have gone from being friends to enemies," says one. “We used to share WhatsApp groups with Ukrainians. Now they have their own groups. Before there was no division. Now they blame us for everything."

There has been graffiti on the doors of Russians' homes, other graffiti denouncing Russians as murderers. Red paint has been thrown on the nameplate of the Russian consulate. Russian citizens say they have, for example, been banned from beauty centres run by Ukrainians and that their children have been excluded from extracurricular activities.

In schools, Russian children are being told: "You are Russian and Russians are very bad, you are killing people." Parents understand that this is not the fault of the children. "They only repeat what they hear from the adults."

Russians on the island are asking for the rejection to stop. They say that they don't agree with the war and only want to help the Ukrainian people.