Beach tax!


Popular Spanish beaches such as Costa Blanca, Alicante, and Benidorm town are planning to introduce a tourist tax, which obliges foreigners to pay up to €4 per day for a nightly stay. Tourists are unhappy with the measure as several of them have said they won’t visit the destination anymore.

“I no longer visit Majorca or Florida, I’m simply not prepared to pay a tourist tax, ever,” a commenter said for, indicating that they stopped visiting Majorca as tourist tax is effective for nightly stays there.

Another one said that such a tax isn’t an issue if the destination is worth it and beautiful while making a comparison of Spanish beaches with Rome, reports.

Several others didn’t make a fuss out of it, saying it costs as much as a small beer a day, while some other commenters even recommended North African destinations – stressing they offer beautiful hotels and luxury, minus the tax charges and EU rules.

The new tax proposed by member parties of Botanic – a governmental pact, exempts sportsmen and women attending official competitions and events with public spectators or those staying for scientific, health, industrial, economic or professional association conferences as well as for people with disabilities.