Bar de la Playa in Costa dels Pins, where a terrace will have to go. | Iratxe Pérez


The beach bar in Costa dels Pins will have to eliminate the terrace on one side of the bar. The Costas Authority has ordered this, and Mauricio Caccianiga, who runs the bar, says that this will mean dismissing five employees who work there each year and the loss of twenty tables.

Caccianiga believes that they (the Costas) "want to put an end to all the most emblematic beach bars in Mallorca". Given the Costas decision to eliminate the terrace, he adds that "they haven't given us any explanation and we don't have any way to present challenges". "Tourists, our clients, are outraged to see how they are taking away a space that they consider idyllic. They ask me how it can be that an island that lives from tourism does these things."

The family have run the bar for more than 25 years, and the terrace in question has existed since 1964. Under the platform for the terrace, he points out, there is just stone. "There is no beach, there is no dune."

The decision regarding the Costa dels Pins Bar Playa can be added to other orders from the Costas Authority that affect bars in Playa de Muro, Cala Mondragó and Es Trenc. Mauricio Caccianiga believes that the time has come to create an association for bars in this situation so that they have a voice to defend themselves. Initial contacts have been made.