Health inspections across Balearic pharmacies. | MANOLO BARRO


The Ministry of Health’s Inspection Service carried out a total of 243 inspections last year and imposed fines totalling 166,500 euros.

The sanctions were mostly due to non-compliance with the pharmacy and health products regulations or health deficiencies detected by the inspectors.

The inspections involved 155 pharmacy offices, 9 custom-made medical products, 18 sales of medical products without adaptation, 3 veterinary medicine retailers, 25 veterinary clinics, 4 drug distributors, 3 pharmaceutical laboratories and 12 health centres and the inspection protocols were adapted to each type of establishment.

In 2021, a plan was launched to inspect first aid kits at veterinary centres to make sure they were in compliance with current regulations, because they are obliged to notify the Administration of the possession of veterinary drugs.

Inspections were also carried out at social and health centres with less than 100 beds.