Petrol prices in Mallorca. | Ultima Hora


The war in Ukraine has had a disastrous effect on fuel prices and filling up in Spain is a very costly business. Prices went sky high at Easter, reaching the highest level in history.

On April 1, the government approved a minimum bonus of 20 cents per litre of fuel for all citizens to try to alleviate the price hike and it applies directly to the price at petrol stations.

Now prices are falling, slowly and on April 19, the average price of petrol in Mallorca is 1,858 euros per litre.

These are the cheapest petrol stations in Mallorca on Tuesday, April 19:

SET & GO in PALMA, Calle Gremi Selleters i Basters 12 - Margen N

PETROEST in MANACOR - PM-402 KM. 5.6 - Margin D

AUTONETOIL in INCA, Calle Joan de Austria, 72 - Margen D

This is where you’ll get the cheapest diesel:

SET & GO, PALMA, Calle Gremie Selleters i Basters, 12 - Margen N

PETROEST in Manacor - PM-402 KM - 5.6 Margen D

SHELL in Palma, Calle Hort de ses Animes 23 - Margen D