Drought in 2021 led to a reduced cereal harvest. | Lola Olmo


A lack of hay in Mallorca has led to a trebling of price for this animal feed supplement. As a result, livestock and stud farms as well as riding clubs are having to import hay from the mainland.

Drought in Mallorca last year meant there was a significant reduction in the cereal harvest - up to 20 per cent in the Pla region but by as much as 80 per cent in the Migjorn region in the south of the island. Hay is on the market but with "an unsustainable price increase". In 2021, a bale cost between 15 and 18 euros. This year, it is between 50 and 60 euros.

Those affected by the price and supply problems have joined forces in importing bales from Catalonia, where they are much cheaper. The owner of one stud farm says that it is more affordable to place one large order. Even allowing for the cost of shipping, it is more economical. "I understand that agriculture has to subsist, but this is not a luxury or a whim. Our animals have to eat every day."