Customers on a terrace in Palma. | Jaume Morey


Palma City Council is planning to ramp up surveillance of bar and restaurant terraces to avoid excessive crowding, prevent noise and monitor closing hours over the summer.

“An increase in sanctions has been verified for excessive occupation of public spaces and the more tourists there are, the more people occupy the terraces,” warned Citizen Participation & Interior Government Councillor, Alberto Jarabo, who also pointed out that extra people on the terraces causes more inconvenience to neighbours.

"This Easter we received more complaints about the increasing number of people on terraces,” he added. “Town Hall informers will monitor the streets to avoid overcrowding; you cannot reduce the quality of life in the city."

Mr Jarabo said a meeting was held recently with Neighbourhood Associations who have expressed concern about busy terraces.

Palma City Council says restaurant and bar owners will be reminded that they must adhere to the maximum number of people they're allowed to have on terraces.