Suspect was caught on CCTV. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Palma police are searching for a large man who burst into the Zagúan bar in Calle Blanquerna in Palma on Thursday evening and trashed it.

The owner of the bar, Patricio Gómez, reported the incident and the suspect was photographed escaping from the business.

The events occurred at around 19.00 hours when a middle-aged man arrived at the establishment and started talking to the two female employees at the bar.

He suddenly started behaving violently, smashing crockery, some chairs and tables while shouting and screaming.

He also assaulted the two female employees and violently grabbed one by the hair.
The suspect then fled the scene but not before being caught on CCTV. The image is being used by the police to locate him.

The man was not known to the premises and had never been there before.
It is a very well known establishment in Blanquerna, and the neighbours have expressed their solidarity with the owner and the employees. The damage is said to be considerable.