Gaspar Alemany leaving the courts on Thursday. | Guillermo Esteban


Gaspar Alemany, the former parish priest of Sant Sebastià in Palma, has been acquitted of the charge of sexually abusing an altar boy.

The Prosecutor's Office had called for a 15-month sentence for the alleged abuse of the 21-year-old, who has a 33 per cent disability. On Thursday, a court in Palma ruled that accusations of sexual advances made by the ex-parish priest were not proven; Gaspar Alemany had denied all of them.

The judge's ruling considers it proven that on the morning of July 7, 2020, the priest asked the altar boy to go to the sacristy to pick up a book and that the priest invited him to go to the parish house at 6pm that evening, which he did.

However, it was not proven that "the priest's computer was open at a pornographic page with gay content" when the altar boy went to the sacristy and nor was it proven that the priest made sexual advances at the parish house.