Residents of Santa Catalina are denouncing the noise.


Residents of Santa Catalina in Palma are once more complaining about a weekend of "hell" as a result of noise. They are again saying that the police presence is inadequate in tackling the drinking and excessive noise on the streets.

Over recent months, residents say that anti-social behaviour has been on the increase. With the good weather, this is getting worse. Establishments don't comply with regulations; there are parties - hen/stag parties in particular - which are making life intolerable. They are demanding that the town hall takes effective action. However, they say that the only response to their demands is "inaction".

The town hall says that there were police both on Friday and Saturday and that they were on foot in order to create a greater deterrent effect. Various fines were issued, the town hall not having specified how many.

Palma's mayor, José Hila, explained last week that summer police reinforcement will this year cover Santa Catalina for the first time. The area has become "very fashionable", but there are "excesses". The mayor has asked for time for this measure to be effective. "It is still too early to see the results of the police reinforcement because they are not noticeable from one day to the next." He added that "we cannot perform miracles" and are putting what police resources the town hall has on the streets.