Santa Catalina - people on the streets at 4.30am. | Associació Veïns Barri Cívic de Santa Catalina


Santa Catalina in Palma has well and truly become a focus for the apparent incompatibility between lives of residents and a nightlife culture that leads to noise and anti-social behaviour. The warmer weather has exacerbated what has been a growing problem, residents saying that there is now no distinction between weekdays and weekends.

It's 4.30am on Friday and there are people on the streets. They're not misbehaving, but there is the inevitable noise of a gathering, residents saying that the situations can be much worse; fights are not unknown.

There haven't really been issues in the past with tourists, but Santa Catalina is now attracting more than used to be the case. Residents are insisting that Palma town hall ensures that establishments are closed by midnight. In a tweet directed to the councillor for the model of the city, Neus Truyol, they say that the situation is "incompatible with neighbourhood life". Truyol, due to stand on behalf of Més for mayor of Palma next May, has clashed with the current mayor, José Hila of PSOE, who recently suggested that residents complain as soon as anyone goes out on the streets - "which is not a crime".

Residents attended this week's council meeting and highlighted their discontent with the problems caused by nightlife and what they say is an excessive number of restaurants. "We can't sleep. Night after night. There is conscious abuse by the owners of premises." As well as taking action against noise, they want the town hall to reduce terrace size on C. Fabrica by 50%. But the town hall administration, they argue, is "weak". Its actions are "ineffective".

The administration has promised to increase vigilance and cleanliness in the area, the councillor for public security, Joana Maria Adrover, pointing out that Santa Catalina will now be included in the 'Operation Summer' police reinforcement plan. In Palma, this will mean more National Police, but Adrover has conceded that she doesn't yet know how or where the extra officers are to be deployed. Meantime, she has asked Palma's local police to dedicate more officers to the area.