Minimum one per cent of fleets must be zero emissions. | Jaume Morey


The Balearic ministry for energy transition has yet to receive information about electric vehicles from almost 40% of car-hire firms on the islands. Of 122 registered in the Balearics, 46 have not sent information. They are required to do so in accordance with regional legislation on climate change. This stipulates that, at present, one per cent of firms' fleets must be zero emissions. From the start of 2023, this increases to 1.8%, while a minimum six per cent of new purchases will have to be zero emissions.

The ministry will be sending another request to these companies so that they provide the necessary information. This will be accompanied with a warning of fines if they do not do so. The fine will be 3,000 euros, but this will rise to 30,000 euros if firms continue to ignore ministry requests and could ultimately be as much as 200,000 euros for "very serious" breaches.