Covid pressure mounting again in Balearic hospitals. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The president of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, today ruled out introducing any new restrictions in the Balearics in response to the increase in cases of Covid over the past few days.

In an interview on IB3 Radio’s ‘Al Día’ programme, Armengol said that restrictions are decided by the Interterritorial Health Council and there are “none on the table”.

She stressed that “freedom must be guaranteed because it is a right we all have. There is no proposal because the pandemic is under control,” she said, while calling on the population to take the third dose of the vaccine.

The Balearic Minister for Health and Consumer Affairs, Patricia Gómez, has also reminded the population of the importance of taking the third dose of the vaccine against in the face of the seventh wave of the virus.

The minister explained that most hospitals on the Balearics are still treating Covid patients.
“But many are those who undergo a PCR before an operation and test positive but have no symptoms,” she said.

The accumulated incidence rate in the Balearics for 14 days remains below the national average but Gómez stressed that “at no time should we lower our guard” against the virus because one of the most recent deaths from Covid was a person aged 45.

“We recommend that people have the third dose. Many people were infected in December or January, and we need them to be vaccinated now because the difference between catching Covid having had the three doses is very different,” she stressed, adding: “We must try to ensure that the virus is mild and that people who are positive take safety measures.”

However, she acknowledged that the situation is different from previous waves because there are “more people who are vaccinated and more people who have had Covid, so there is more immunity”.
However, she said that the fourth dose is still pending approval.