Palma shooting caught on video. | Youtube Última Hora


A 25-second video from a security camera in a shop in the Son Costa neighbourhood of Palma has captured the moment of the drive-by shootout between warring gypsy clans.

The recording, which is already in the hands of the National Police, begins at 10.15 p.m. when a dark Porsche Cayanne belonging to one of the rival families drives down the street, heading towards Eusebio Estada.

Suddenly, the luxury SUV was hit by up to eight bullets in its left side and the driver, despite the hail of bullets, managed to escape and get out onto the main road.

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In the back of the vehicle, at least one occupant can also be seen.

The video is of great importance for the investigators, as it allows them to know how the events took place.

However, it does not show what happened before and police are not ruling out that there was a previous confrontation between the gangs.

The main hypothesis is that younger members of the gangs, minors, who had already been involved in another shooting in which one person was injured years ago, got into an argument outside a supermarket at around eight o'clock earlier in the evening of this latest shooting.