Boris Becker's property in Arta (Archive image). | J. M. Sastre


A squatter at Boris Becker's estate in Arta failed to appear in court last week. He is wanted to face charges in connection with an attack on an intruder at the property by his pit bull dog.

On January 3, 2019, three men went to the former tennis player's estate. After they had entered the property, the 58-year-old German squatter and another man appeared and unleashed the dog, which bit one of the three on the arms, legs and back. He was also hit with a stick and kicked.

The other two, one of them described as a "well-known businessman from Magalluf", were able to retaliate. They assaulted the squatter and his friend and then ran into him with their car. The squatter was concussed and had bruises on one arm. The three then left.

The court in Palma has fined two of the three and ordered them to pay compensation. Meanwhile, there is a search for the squatter, who faces a possible three-year jail term.