August is going to be hotter than usual in Mallorca. | Josep Bagur Gomila


August has kicked off in Mallorca with the threat of the third heatwave of the year, according to the deputy spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearics, Bernat Amengual.

However, he has urged people to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday before the record third heatwave is confirmed.

For there to be a heatwave, the temperature must exceed 36ºC for more than three consecutive days.

Amengual did warn that there is a good chance that the interior of the island will experience extreme heat; at the moment, alerts have already been issued for maximum temperatures of 37ºC for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Looking ahead to Thursday, temperatures will remain high and August is going to hotter.
He pointed out that normal maximum temperatures for this time of year are 32º-33º inland, while this year they are expected to reach 34º-35º and in some cases 36º.

On the coast the average highs are 31º-32º but could reach 33º-34º.

The nights will also be warmer than normal and are going to continuum being tropical - minimum temperatures will not fall below 20ºC inland and 22ºC in coastal areas.
Experts warn that above 20ºC it will be difficult to sleep.

Heatwaves have soared on the island. During the 1990s just one was recorded, over past the three years, Five have been recorded in Mallorca, and last month saw the first death in Mallorca due to heat stroke.