Frequent bus users will get discounts.


Following the announcement by Prime Minister Sánchez that public transport users in Mallorca will benefit from similar discounts to those being applied on the mainland, the Balearic government anticipates that there will be an increase in passengers.

Between September 1 and December 31, holders of the intermodal travel card will benefit from a 100% discount on rail and Metro travel. In addition, the cost of journeys by bus will be reduced by between 50% and 72%.

At present, there are some 230,000 cardholders. As the Balearic government expects demand to increase, it is reinforcing the service that issues the card.

The savings for buses vary. The general base price will go down from 1.2 euros to 60 cents for one journey. For a 40-journey voucher, the maximum price will fall from 73.40 euros to 20.70 euros.

The measure will not affect the Soller train and tourists won't benefit as the intermodal card is only for residents. The estimated cost of all the discounts - bus, train and Metro is 3.3 million euros.

The Spanish government has said that the intention is to benefit regular public transport users and not people who use public transport occasionally. The purpose is to offer an alternative to using cars to go to work and thereby make savings on the cost of fuel.