Laika is now at home. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Laika is a nine year old dog. Last Wednesday, her owner had to go to work and decided to leave the animal with one of her friends to look after her and take her for a walk while she was away.

It turns out that while the friend was in hospital for rehabilitation, his girlfriend, under the influence of alcohol, decided to take the dog for a walk.

Once in the street the woman began to hit the animal for no reason, a number of neighbours objected but she took no notice.

Then, according to the complaint filed with the Guardia Civil, the woman took the dog to Illetas beach, put it in the sea and tried to drown it.

At that moment, a number of swimmers came to Laika’s aid, took the dog away from the alleged aggressor and called the police.

On the arrival of the police, the swimmers explained to the officers what had happened and they proceeded to arrest her for an alleged offence of animal abuse.

A few hours later, the Calvia Local Police contacted Laika’s owners who could not believe what had happened.

Laika’s owners want to make the alleged animal abuser pay.
“How can you beat such a small, loving animal for pleasure,” says the owner.

“I will go all the way, it is not enough that she has spent a night in the cells, she has to pay for what she has done.” The Guardia Civil has taken over the investigation.