The victim was taken to hospital in Inca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The minor who was needle spiked at the Can Picafort fiesta over the weekend has tested negative for drugs.

As soon as the incident took place, the minor told her parents what had happened and they went to pick her up.

They quickly went to the hospital in Inca where they explained what had happened. At the moment, the results of other medical tests and analyses carried out on the minor after she was admitted to the hospital in Inca in the early hours of Sunday morning are still pending.

The local police in Santa Margalida suspect that it could be a “drunk” or a “hooligan” who, taking advantage of the existing psychosis with the issue of girls being spiked in fiestas and clubs wanted to spark panic.

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For this reason, they have drawn up a judicial report and will send it to the court while the local police and the Guardia Civil continue their investigation.

A recent surge of alleged needle spiking attacks on women in nightclubs across Spain has raised alarms that sexual predators have found a new way to assault women.

While Spain is the most recent country to face a surge in needle spiking cases, the United Kingdom, France and Belgium have also reported an increasing number of cases.

In France, some 400 cases were reported to the police in recent months. Only two of the cases came out positive for toxic substances