The following was received from a reader this morning. Spread the word please.

"Earlier today I was contacted by a local yacht captain and chief stewardess asking me if I can help spread the word that one of their female crew members was injected with Barbiturate, a tranquilliser, in the back of her upper arm. The incident took place at a popular Palma bar while she was having drinks with other yachties but could also have happened in so many other late night venues.

At the time of the incident, she felt nothing, likely due to people knocking into each other as you do in a crowded bar, but after about 15 - 20 mins of being injected she felt woozy and had little recollection of anything until Saturday midday. Thankfully, she was in a group of colleagues who managed to get her back to the boat safely.

While spiked drinks are not uncommon in Palma (and many other locations), this is the first I have heard of girls being attacked this way. According to the police and Clinica Juaneda, a number of other attacks of similar kind have already been reported.

Seemingly, the culprits spot their victims in crowded bars late night when they are under influence of alcohol with their guards down. Once the victim has been injected, the culprits will try to separate them from their group. Look after each other and be cautious about letting your friends and colleagues wander off alone or with strangers.

If you experience similar bruises or something that looks like a needle mark please see a medic. As always, also watch your drinks and/or cover them with a coaster if unattended...."