The BMW after the crash.


The 39-year-old Bulgarian man who caused last Thursday's fatal accident on the Albufera road in Sa Pobla has been released on charges by a Palma court.

Released by the court but not by the health service, as he remains in Son Espases Hospital, one of the ten people who suffered injuries of varying degrees of seriousness. He testified to the court on Monday via video link. The court has withdrawn his passport and his driving licence.

A fifty-year-old woman died as a result of the collision involving three cars on the MA-3433, which runs by Albufera and the power station between Sa Pobla and Playa de Muro.

The crash was caused when the 39-year-old's BMW, which was being driven at high speed, crossed into the other lane at a bend in the road. Despite his injuries, he was in a position to give a breath test at the scene of the accident but refused. A blood test at hospital was positive for alcohol.