Lluís Apesteguia (right) in Deya. | Lluc Garcia


Lluís Apesteguia, the mayor of Deya, says that the volume of traffic on the Tramuntana Mountains MA-10 road, which passes through Deya, is the cause of traffic jams and tailbacks that are affecting residents' quality of life and the quality of tourism in the municipality.

He adds that the "saturation" of the MA-10 is nothing new and that "we have been denouncing it for years". However, this has been increased by, for example, "the daily presence of large coaches offering panoramic visits".

Traffic in Deya, Mallorca

The mayor believes that traffic limits in the Tramuntana are urgently needed. He wants coordination among administrations in order to establish limits, based on a study of the road's carrying capacity.

Apesteguia has the backing of Joan Mayol, the vice-president of the Tramuntana XXI association. This association, Mayol explains, "works for the sustainability of the mountains, both ecologically and economically". Tourism, he readily admits, "is essential", but overcrowding endangers tourism sustainability in what is a protected area. There has to be a stop to the "totally uncontrolled influx".