What is said to be rubble from work at the hotel. | Junts Avançam


The main opposition group at Pollensa town hall, Junts Avançam, has denounced the dumping of "thousands of tonnes of rubble and demolition debris" in a protected area of ​​the Formentor peninsula.

On Wednesday, Junts confirmed that they reported this alleged infraction to the Council of Mallorca's ADT agency for the defence of territory and to the regional environment ministry in July and requested a halt to work at the Hotel Formentor.

Tomeu Cifre, mayor until a couple of weeks ago and now councillor for urban planning, says that the town hall drew up a report about this some weeks ago but has no plans to stop the renovation and extension work at the hotel. Cifre denies that rubble has been dumped, saying that this is aggregate from the excavation of the hotel's new semi-basement that the owners want to reuse for roads in the area.

He accepts that removal and reuse of aggregates requires prior communication to the town hall and that there hasn't been such communication. "It is true that they have not made the communication and that is why we have detailed what has happened, but we will not stop the work because one thing has nothing to do with the other. The excavation has been done and the work is now slowing down."

Miquel Àngel March of Junts Avançam sees things very differently, referring to the "thousands of tonnes of rubble". "Everything to do with the hotel is a nonsense - from the exploitation of the public car park that continues to be carried out by a private company to the redevelopment and extension project that has ended up becoming an almost complete demolition."

In the report that Junts filed with the ADT was mention of "a very high number of trucks daily transporting hundreds of tonnes of construction and demolition waste to a protected area of ​​Formentor a few hundred metres from the car park on the way to the lighthouse".