Incident took place on Friday night in Alcudia. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A 33-year-old man has been arrested after trying to run over a police officer with the motorbike he was on and, failing to do so, trying to hit him when he was on the ground.

The Guardia Civil today reported that the incident took place in Alcudia last Friday, when a member of the general public alerted a local police officer of a loud argument between a couple in the street.

When the officer approached the scene, the tourist who was on a motorbike with the engine running, suddenly accelerated towards the policeman with the intention of running him over.

However, the police officer who was riding a Segway electric vehicle threw himself out of the way.
The suspect then tried to hit the officer on the ground and then fled the scene on the motorbike at speed.

When the Guardia Civil was informed of what had happened, police officers in Pollensa opened an investigation and identified the aggressor as a Danish tourist who was staying at a hotel in Alcudia but later discovered that the room he was staying in was empty and that he had left the establishment in a hurry without even handing over the keys.

On Saturday night he was located and arrested at Palma airport when he was about to board a plane to return to his country.