Photo Annie Lennox: Instagram.


Annie Lennox is an enormous fan of Mallorca and has owned a house on the island for many years. On her Instagram site she recounts some of the problems of modern-day Mallorca.

Source: Instagram

"I absolutely ❤️ Mallorca! I’ve been coming here for over 30 years and have watched the landscape, culture and economy shape shift and evolve over three decades.

The most impactful has probably been the distinct turn away from traditional ways of life towards a more homogenous, faster ‘modernity’.

At one point, the Island’s agricultural economy was completely replaced by tourism, accompanied by a massive expansion of development and construction over tracts of land during the late 80’s till this present day.

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I’ve often observed this with a sense of dismay, as I’ve seen a good deal of the Island’s original charm and character become eroded and destroyed. Mallorca relies on its tourist economy and people need homes and jobs.

From my perspective, part of the issue lies in the ‘golden goose’ syndrome. Like so many natural resources, there comes a time when the eggs have all gone for good..

The mayor of Deia, one of the most picturesque villages on earth, faces this dilemma. Thousands of vehicles now pass through Deia’s narrow main road every day of summer.

The local population swells from a few hundred to several thousand - inundating its capacity, while wrecking the rural tranquility the village is known for.

This scenario is a perfect analogy for the larger picture of the world. Sustainability sways precariously in the balance while the band plays on…
I don’t know where the solution lies... It’s all very complex, with many things at stake and so many different vested interests.
Can the lid of Pandora’s box ever be closed.?
What will it take?
Perhaps the Mayor of Deia can start a movement to blockade all the tourist buses at each end of the village? Turn them back!!
Turn them Back!! 😳😉🤔

And this goes for ALL the historical landmarks and heritage sites of the world.. Venice, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Machu Pichu etc…where the tourist industry brings major economy but destroys the beauty, character, integrity and fundamental nature of the places that are bringing in the money. Like a snake eating its own tail. There are also ‘people’ who live in these places, that have had their soul sucked out of them for all of the above reasons.